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LED Cat - Night Light

LED Cat - Night Light

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The cutest light in the collection, this cat is an adorable, ambience generating machine.

The Description:

This LED Cat Night Light is the perfect little gift for you or a friend. It provides a soft warm glow while being fun to touch and a great conversation starter.

Battery powered and tap control means you can leave it: on the bedside as a nighttime companion, the desk while you work, or the living room table for everyone to enjoy.

Technically you could also get like a fleet of these to confuse your roommate with, or grow a small army. Either way, this long-lasting LED night light will do the job.
An awesome gift for the cat person you know (who might be you).
- 2 to 3 week global delivery - 

The Features:

  • Size: Handheld.
  • Material: BPA-Free Soft Silicone
  • LED Lighting (AAA batteries not Included)
  • Warm Whiite Glow & 7 Additional Color Options
  • Light Lifespan ~50,000 Hours
  • Battery Life  ~15hrs 
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